Our Story

Universal Media is a Perth based company which specialises in affordable media & design solutions for small businesses. From corporate rebranding to websites & mobile apps, Universal Media will be sure to get your business up to speed with the latest technology and trends.

Our company motto is “Get With The Times” because after exstensive research, we have found that a large proportion of businesses today have access to internet, however a great percentage of those businesses don’t have a valid web presence. Therefore we strive to help small, unnoticed businesses acheive the goal of creating a valid web presence and help them Get With The Times!

With nearly 20 years of technological experience, Steve and his team have the expertise and the passion to turn any unnoticed small business into a high achieving player in their market.

Modern Design

All our designs are up to date, meaning your company is in touch with today not yesterday.

Cost Effective

Our prices aren’t over the top. Because we’re a small business, we can provide cost effective pricing to clients.

Time Efficient

We give our clients an estimated completion time and we stick to it, so our clients have their sites up and running faster!

Customer Support

We love to help, so customer support is one of our strengths. If you have a problem, we can solve it for you!


Steve Gullotti


I started creating websites as far back as 1995 when I acquired my first PC with internet capabilities. Back then things were a lot different to what they are today and while the internet and the technology has changed so much since then, my love for websites has remained constant.

Over the last 19 or so years I have created many different webpages and websites and while they all differ in so many ways, they all have the same thing in common, that is I never say a job is complete until it has my 100% satisfaction, and until that happens I work tirelessly to achieve perfection in the work that I produce.

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